Most Expensive Motorhome
There's no boundaries in a world where building it usually means someone will buy it. Today we are going to find out the Most Expensive Motorhome in the World or you can say most expensive RV's 2022.

That is why here we have ten of our favorite Luxury Motorhomes and RV's. So let's start out countdown with their prices.


    RENEGADE IKON 34RX - $735,000

    most expensive motorhome
    This first entry is the most expensive camper flagship model from Renegade RV. It's called the IKON and it's spelled with a 'K' because it's cooler that way. The design has opposing slideouts on each side, four in total.

    The front section contains the lounge area with a sofa on each side, one of which converts to a queen size bed. 

    Next to that is the open kitchen which includes a 23 cubic foot refrigerator, an induction cooktop, and a microwave.

    Across from that is a small dinette with a table. The rear section houses the bedroom which has a bed and a 40 inch TV mounted inside the wardrobe.

    Next to that is the main bathroom spanning the width of the motorhome. 

    In it you'll find a shower with sliding glass doors and a fold down bench seat, a vanity with a trough style sink, and a porcelain toilet.

    MAGELLANO EDITION-1 - $790,000

    most expensive rv
    Everything about this 35 foot long motorhome says luxury RV's. The word is even in the company name so I guess they're kind of obligated.

    The centrally located entrance opens to a lounge in the forward section consisting of an extendable U shaped couch, a dinette table that lowers and raises telescopically, and a 32 inch wall mounted TV.

    Opposite that is an 8 1/2 foot long kitchen that includes a full size refrigerator, a dual burner cooktop, and an oven/microwave/grill combo.

    Moving toward the rear you'll find a full size dual entrance bathroom spanning the width of the vehicle.

    Features include a 7 1/2 square foot shower with an illuminated floor, a large vanity sink, and toilet.

    The bedroom is housed in the rear with a big bed with a 40 inch retractable TV in this one of the most expensive rv ever built.


    This is another most luxurious rv from Vario Mobil is built around a Mercedes-Benz Actros chassis measuring just over 39 feet in length with a width of 8 1/2 feet.

    And like another one on this world's most expensive motorhome list, it has a mobile garage integrated into the design. 

    The lounge includes a sofa, an extendable L shaped couch, a coffee table that electrically raises and lowers, and a 40 inch TV that lifts out of the countertop.

    The centrally located kitchen includes an induction cooktop, a flush mounted sink, and a 210 liter refrigerator/freezer.

    Across from that is a dinette with seating for two and a 24 inch TV that lifts out of the countertop.

    Behind this is a sliding door leading to a full size bathroom extending the width of the motorhome which includes a toilet, a trough style sink, and a glass enclosed shower.

    Leading off from this is a bedroom that has a queen size bed including a 40 inch mounted TV in this Most Expensive Motorhome in the World. 

    A ceiling mounted queen size bed in the cab area provides additional sleeping space along with the lounge seating and dinette that convert to extra beds as well.

    The garage is located in the rear and can be accessed via a large external hatch that raises to reveal a space large enough to carry a small sportscar.


    Next most expensive rv motorhome from Foretravel is a quad slideout bus, conversion measuring 45 feet in length with a width of 8 1/2 feet.

    A forward door opens to a large lounge area directly behind the cab containing couches opposite each other, one with two removable dining tables.

    Along with that is a 60 inch ceiling mounted TV above the cab seats behind this.

    An open kitchen with a microwave, a recessed dual induction cooktop, a dishwasher drawer, and a double door fridge with a freezer.

    Next to that is a 1/2 bath with a toilet and corner vanity. The bedroom includes a walkaround huge bed as well as a TV that lifts out of the wardrobe countertop.

    The full bathroom includes a toilet, large vanity and sink as well as a fully tiled, glass enclosed shower with seating. I'm Allie, and it's Minds Eye Trivia time.


    This behemoth sits on a Ford F-750 chassis measuring 35 feet long, 8 1/2 feet wide, and 13 1/2 feet tall. 

    The size and the all weather capabilities are just part of what makes this worthy of the EarthRoamer name.

    The centrally located entrance door opens to an interior with 7 feet of headroom. The rear houses a U shaped dinette area with a table that lowers telescopically.

    Just in front of that is the kitchen area with an induction cooktop, microwave, a sink with a cutting board cover, and slide out fridge and freezer drawers.

    Moving forward you'll find the bathroom while across from that is a fully enclosed stand up shower.

    Slideout steps provide access to a cabover bunk area that houses a  bed. This, along with the dinette that converts to an extra bed, provides room to sleep up to four people.


    most expensive rv
    This entry by Volkner Mobil is the second of two motorhomes with a mobile garage incorporated into the design.

    It measures just over 39 feet bumper to bumper with an expanded width of 10 feet providing a living space of 377 square feet.

    The cab entrance opens to a forward lounge area that has a U shaped couch with an adjustable table. Directly to the rear of that is an open kitchen including an induction cooktop, sink, and refrigerator.

    Moving back brings you to a dual entrance bathroom that spans the width of the trailer. 

    The bedroom with a walk around queen bed with the lounge seating converting to an extra sleeping area if needed.

    In keeping with the comforts of home, the aformentioned mobile garage is located directly below the flooring.

    Side doors open to reveal a platform that extends hydraulically, allowing the vehicle to be driven onto it and then stored away.
    Additionally, when on site the platform can be used as a terrace for outdoor activities.


    This most expensive motorhome from Featherlite Prevost is another of the bus conversions built around the Prevost H3-45. Its one of the most expensive motor coach in this list.

    The triple slideout measures 45 feet long providing a total of 470 square feet of living space.

    The lounge area includes a 360 degree swiveling chair and desk area, a sofa, and an extendable L-shaped couch with a built in adjustable table.

    There's also a 60 inch 4K TV that lowers out of the ceiling above the cab area. Next to this is an open kitchen which has a microwave, dishwasher, an induction cooktop, and a full size refrigerator.

    Opposite that is a half bath with a countertop bowl sink. The rear half houses a private bedroom as well as a full bathroom extending the width of the coach.

    The bedroom includes a retractable king size bed and a TV. The bathroom has a vanity and sink with a large rain style shower that has a fold down bench.


    This quad slideout by Liberty Coach is named the Elegant Lady looks like a rv bus. The passenger side entry door opens to a front lounge area with a large sofa and dual reclining rockers.

    There's also a 55 inch TV that lowers from the ceiling over the cab area.

    An open kitchen and dinette are located just behind this with the kitchen having a recessed induction cooktop, an oven, and a full size refrigerator.

    The dinette has a counter top with seating for two people.

    Next to this is an enclosed vanity area with a 1/2 bath. Housed in the rear is the bedroom which has a large bed and a large wardrobe with a 49 inch wall mounted TV.

    Off from this is the main bathroom containing a large vanity with a countertop bowl sink, an enclosed shower with seating, and a toilet with a phone.


    most expensive motorhome
    Next most expensive rv ever is from Anderson Mobile Estates is nicknamed "The Heat" and it's known for being owned by the actor Will Smith.

    The two level home away from home offers almost 1,200 square feet of usable space when the multiple slide-outs are extended.

    The lower level houses a full kitchen with a large dinette, a make up mirror with a hidden TV that raises out of the counter top, and a private lounge area in the rear Stairs.

    At the front lead to a forward bathroom and the upper level. The full bathroom extends the width of the trailer offering a steam shower and a glass door that turns opaque to provide privacy.

    The top floor has a retractable roof that raises to add another 3 1/2 feet to the height. It contains a lounge area with a bar and enough space for up to 30 people.

    Extras include 14 TVs throughout, a 100 inch projection screen, and 360 degree video surveillance makes it most luxurious motorhomes ever.

    So do you think they're worth the money or just overpriced beyond reason?


    The eleMMent Palazzo Superior has the distinction of being the most expensive RV in the world or the most luxurious motorhome in the world and price are the defining factors.

    Weighing in at 28 tons, it has a length of 45 feet with an expanded width just over 16 feet. The design has a height of 13 feet which increases to 20 feet when the sky lounge is raised.

    The raised cab sits behind a large, circular windshield that looks cyclopean while still providing an almost uninterrupted, panoramic view.

    An integrated set of stairs on the side fold down allowing access to a living area approximately 732 square feet in size.

    The lounge area sits directly behind the cab with an extendable sofa, table, and wall mounted TV.

    The centrally located kitchen includes a large hidden refrigeratror, induction cooktop, and oven.

    Across from that is the dual entrance bathroom with a 16 square foot rain shower and a fancy toilet.

    Separated by a sliding door system is the circle shaped bedroom which has a king size bed and a large vanity area.

    The pinnacle is a sky lounge on an automated lift system that raises out of the roof area. 

    Safety railings all the way around and a canopy with integrated lighting make it the ideal place for getting some sun. 

    That's Why it is the world's most expensive camper ever & a most expensive rv brand.


    So that was our list of top 10 Most Expensive Motorhome in the World by most expensive rv brand. But there are also a huge difference between 5th wheel rv, pop up camper, class A,B or C rv

    We don't have so much knowledge about that so make sure to find out the difference on google before purchasing a Motorhome.

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