Do you know which is the most expensive Fortnite skins that have been ever sold? If not so don't worry, because today we are breaking down the top 10 most expensive skins in Fortnite 2022 or top 10 rarest skins in Fortnite.


    Some collectors love to collect then & that's why they pay a huge amount to create their account world's most expensive Fortnite account or Rare Fortnite accounts.

    Most of these outfit skins had come in the shop only once so that people could purchase but now it cannot be Purchased again.

    If you love and you don't regret buying for the purpose of wearing you still kind of regret buying them because there are most expensive item in Fortnite you could have.


    Expensive FORTNITE SKINS
    In our top 10 most expensive fortnite skins is bright gunner.  The first skin we've got the other half of the bright bomber skin. more specifically the male version of it. 

    This legendary skin which is part of the sunshine and rainbows set comes down at a price of 1500 V bucks.
    Brite Gunners got a dope light blue shirt that features an explosion in the background and a purple beard dual-wielding Aziz.

    He's got a purple and blue belt at a yellow ribbon on his left arm.

    What's awesome about this skin is that it actually comes with the bright bag which goes really well with both bright gunner and bright bomber.

    Bright bag is a very colorful and vibrant bag which has a unicorn with a rainbow behind it along with some stars all around.

    This bag is so nice that a lot of people actually bought one of the Most Expensive Fortnite Skins, bright gunner skin.

    So just for the back bling in the skin itself and then paired it with the bright bomber skin.

    This skin is one of the most expensive thing in Fortnite. That it costs you like 15,000 V bucks to buy.

    It's a skin that doesn't hit the item shop quite often making it a bit rare as well.

    It's an awesome skin too especially because it comes with an desired bright bag.


    Rare fortnite skins
    This neck skin is one of the more weirder looking skins from Fortnite and that is the Leviathan skin. It is also a Most Expensive Fortnite Skins.

    This is an epic skin from the space explorers that came at a whopping cost of 2,000 V bucks.

    But with this skin you get to wear a spacesuit while being this sort of scary-looking half-man half-fish hybrid of sorts.

    You get the fish tank bag bling with the skin and the skin also has cool animation.

    Where you can see its mouth opening and closing as well as bubbling occurring inside the helmet.

    This is one of the more expensive skins due to its price tag being at 2000 V bucks.

    It may not be the rarest skin in Fortnite. This one is the more unique skins out there.


    Fortnite Expensive skin
    This Crackshot is one of the creepiest looking & one of the Most Expensive Fortnite Skins that's ever had Fortnite.

    Crackshot is an epic skin that came at a price tag of 2000 V bucks. It's got an awesome red and golden color scheme going on and an angry face show off.

    He's one of the taller looking guys in Fortnite that doesn't change his hitbox.

    However, now this skin is actually one of the rarest Fortnite skins. Because while it may have been in the item shop ever.

    It has since been removed and will probably not come back to the shop. its price tag along with its rarity makes it one of the more expensive Skin in Fortnite.


    Rarest fortnite skins
    Up next Most Expensive Fortnite Skins we've got a sweet punk rock-themed outfit. The Power Chord is an epic skin a part of the volume 11 set. It is one of Fortnite rare skins.

    With this one you get to be this pink-haired, chick that has on a tone of shirt, fishnets spikes on her head purple tiger-striped pants and a pink arm band.

    What makes this skin special is its Bag pack. It's give you your very own pink guitar.

    If you like the guitar in the skin itself you can have the skin on with the guitar.

    But if you would prefer to switch out the power chord skin with something else.

    That's possible with the guitar bag pack. This is not only expensive because of its 2,000 V bucks price but it's also a really Dope looking skin in general.


    Fortnite skins
    There are quite a few cute looking skins but bunny crawler has got to be one of the cuter ones out there or at least the cutest furry outfit in our Most Expensive Fortnite Skins list.

    This legendary skin is a female outfit part of the pastel Patrol set.

    With this one on you get to have a big blue bunny suit on with an Easter egg grenade as well as shotgun shells strapped on to your outfit.

    The chick also has some cute face paint on to better resemble a furry crawler.

    Bunny brawler comes with the eggshell bag pack which gives this an even better Easter egg vibe to. 

    This only cost you like 15,000 V bucks but this is an Easter skin.

    Along with the fact that not many people purchased it as opposed to the other Easter skin as well.

    It not showing up on the item shop. That much makes this kind of rare.


    Rare skins in fortnite
    We've got another extremely weird Most Expensive Fortnite Skins. with this legendary outfit, you get a gingerbread themed outfit.

    The pants to the shirt even the mask she's got on the boots and gloves matched the holiday spirit.

    As they're red with hints of white and green specifically on the right boot.

    This is one of the more OG skins. It hasn't come out in quite a long time along with the majority of the skins that are showcased in this Article.

    When it was out it cost 1,500 V bucks. If you didn't get to snag it back then trying to get it by buying an account from someone with this skin.


    Rare Expensive FORTNITE SKINS
    As part of the Valentine's Day update we got the beloved love Ranger in our Most Expensive Fortnite Skins list. Wearing this turns you into a stone version of Cupid.

    You get your very own Stone Wings, pink pants and a white stash.  This is an extremely well-made and detailed skin, making it one of the more unique skins out.

    The back bling is one of the favorites because it can go so well with really any skin. Giant wings look awesome with really anything .

    There's no denying that this epic skin was out during Valentine's and while it was added back to the shop a few times again.

    It hasn't come out too many times making this an OG and rare skin.


    Up next Most Expensive Fortnite Skins is a Halloween themed skin and this is the female version of the pair of skins that came out during the Halloween update.

    With this outfit you get to be this ghoul with scabs and skins peeling off everywhere.

    It's not necessarily a scary skin but it is a well-made Halloween themed outfit.

    Ghoul trooper was a legendary skin that came out only during Halloween.

    It came to the shop twice and epic even tweeted out that it was only going to be in the store the second time for the last time.


    SKULL TROOPER fortnite skins
    This skin arrived alongside ghoul trooper but it was on sale for 1500 V-bucks. This is one of the most expensive skins on fortnite.

    Wearing Skull trooper gives you a skeleton Halloween outfit which some say may have been inspired by the Karate Kid.

    This outfit looks pretty freaking cool especially at the time it was out, because there weren't that many awesome skins out back then.

    Well technically ghoul trooper is the rare skin not as many people bought it as they did Skull trooper.

    This is the more popular skin so more people would want to get this and would pay more as well.

    This is one of the rarest skins in the fortnite game and because of that it's one of the most expensive.


    RENEGADE RAIDER fortnite rare skin
    You might not have expected a rare skin one that costs only 1200 v-bucks to be the most expensive Fortnite skin.

    But this is such a rare skin that it's more valuable than any other skin in the game. This was a homage to the Tank Girl comic book series.

    She's got the big goggles on along with her dark brown hat. This skin looks kind of rusty and doesn't look that appealing.

    But if paired with the Raiders revenge pickaxes it doesn't look that bad at all.

    Renegade Raider was an outfit way back from the first season and was obtainable only from the first season of Fortnite.

    He had to level up to season 2 level 20 and then buy from the shop. That means that this is so rare that it will never hit the item shop again.

    Which makes it the fortnite most expensive skin ever.

    So when you're talking about buying accounts it's pretty expensive. I would say the most sought-after skin in Fortnite right now.

    So this was our list of top 10 most expensive skins in Fortnite ever sold & also the rarest Fortnite skins. What you think about these Most Expensive Fortnite Skins, Let us know in the comments.
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