There are some companies that are known only for their expensive products & some of these companies also launched bicycles. Here we have the list of the top 10 most expensive bicycles in the world with the most expensive bicycle brands 2021.

June 3rd is an international world bicycle day, a day to highlight the importance of the two-wheeled wonder that changed the world and is currently making a huge comeback with the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing.

10 Most Expensive Bicycles in the World

    People are opting for healthier lifestyle choices and fewer hours spent on a bus. Some have resorted to good old-fashioned bicycles because finances have become tight and fuel is expensive. 

    Others want to avoid any form of public transportation and then there are those that have always just enjoyed being in the saddle.

    Italy has seen more than 540,000 bicycles being sold over the last few months.

    Places like London, New York, Berlin, Paris, and Milan are coming up with plans to free up street space for the exclusive use of cyclists even if it's just at certain times during the week.

    There are different types of bikes like - Road, Triathlon, Push, Racing, Trek, Pedal, Folding, Production bikes, etc. So let's see Some of the most expensive bicycles in the world.


    Most Expensive Bicycles in the World
    Our most expensive bicycle in the world is this stunner of a mountain bike built by The House of Solid Gold also called fat bike. 

    This bike is handcrafted and covered in 24 karat gold. Every single part of the bike has been coated and the process to create this gold wonder took 750 hours.

    The house of solid gold or THSG has their logo set on the frame surrounded by 600 black diamonds 6 carats in total and 500 golden sapphires. That's why these vintage bicycles are the most expensive bike ever & my dearest bike.

    The seat cover is made from superior chocolate brown alligator leather and each one comes with the artist's signature date and number from 1 to 13 as there were only 13 made along with its certificate of authenticity.


    There's no denying that this cycle is beautiful but PETA was horrified at the design because hundreds of real butterfly wings were used in the carbon frame labeling the bicycle a horrific barbarity.

    Despite that the bike sold at auction for five hundred thousand dollars. Most Expensive Bicycles in the World was ridden by Lance Armstrong during the 2009 tour de France and was created to celebrate Armstrong's return to cycling after surviving cancer.

    He managed to finish third that year but like all Armstrong's titles, they don't exist in the tour de France world anymore.

    The  Most Expensive Bicycle came about when Bono lead singer of u2 approached English artist Damian Hearst to create this unique ride.

    Lance Armstrong and Bono are both huge fans of Hearst's work, who is reportedly the richest living artist in the UK.

    Damian Hearst's goal when creating the  Most Expensive Bicycles in the World was to have the butterflies shimmer when the light caught onto them. That would have been impossible to achieve had he used pictures of butterflies.

    However, there was also the weight of the bike to consider, and adding any extra weight had to be avoided which he managed to do seamlessly.

    Hearst was also no stranger to controversy and in 1992 grabbed negative attention with his work.

    The physical impossibility of death in the mind of something living aka the shark "in a nutshell". 

    He had a shark specifically caught to place in formaldehyde so people could view the specimen and come to terms with their fears of sharks.

    Money raised at the bike auction by most expensive trek bike butterfly Madone went once again to the lib strong cancer charity.

    24K GOLD MEN'S RACING BIKE - $393,000

    Most expensive bicycles in the world
    Gold for the win when you purchase this 24 karat gold racing bike by gold genie based in London with stores in the UAE gold genie had their in-house team of customization artisans create this bespoke bicycle.

    The bike has diamonds and a limited edition san Marco suede saddle and sr4 racing tires, makes it one of the Most Expensive Bicycles in the World.

    Gold genie has an array of gold plated products available and those with limitless budgets can indulge in 24 karat gold roses, gold champagne bottle stoppers, even gold game consoles.

    Gold genie is hoping to add more bespoke bicycles to their collection with animal skins and leather finishes but that hasn't come to fruition as of yet.

    TREK YOSHIMOTO NARA - $200,000

    This is more a piece of art than a bicycle as seen by the artwork contribution of renowned Japanese artist Yoshimoto Nara.

    This custom-built time trial bike sold at auction for 200,000 for this costliest bike.

    The bike was ridden by lance Armstrong during the 18th stage of the 2009 tour de France. Creator Yoshimoto Nara used carbon fiber for the frame making it incredibly lightweight and able to reach ridiculous speeds.

    It was specially designed for extreme racing and competitions a quick FYI while we still have lance Armstrong in the picture makes it Most Expensive Bicycles in the World.

    KAWS: TREK MADONE - $160,000

    Most expensive bicycles in the world

    Lance Armstrong once again in our Most Expensive Bicycles in the World list and this time we've upped the price tag to 160 thousand dollars for KAWS: TREK Madone Cycle.

    American pop artist causes designed this bike and you can see his well-known cartoon style teeth on the bodywork by most expensive bike brand.

    It was launched in association with the live strong foundation in 2009 and Armstrong used this Bike in his daily cycling routine, so you can well believe it has all the bells and whistles.

    The bike fetched 160 thousand dollars at auction with all proceeds going toward the live strong foundation which Armstrong founded in 1997.

    The foundation aims to unite inspire and empower people affected by cancer of which he himself is a survivor.


    When this beauty was released in 2008 it held the title of the most expensive bicycles in the world. Every part of the bike you can see is plated with 24 karat gold created by the Scandinavian design company Aurumania.

    The bike is handmade and adorned with 600 Swarovski crystals. They only built 10 of them and each bike has leather-wrapped handles and a brooks leather saddle.

    Aurumania translated means preoccupied with gold and their goal is to use 24 karat gold in their product designs creating art and giving the discerning buyer. 

    The very best of their product of choice in this case the arromania crystal edition gold bike.

    The first sale of this bike was said to be purchased by a man in London who displayed it on his wall.

    Truthfully though it's safer there than on any streets where you'll need a team of bodyguards to safeguard your every mile.

    TREK MADONE 7: DIAMOND - $75,000

    Weighing only eight and a half kilograms this little stunner was made in collaboration with Nike trek bikes artist Lenny Futura and jeweler Alan Friedman one of the Most Expensive Bicycles in the World.

    This one-of-a-kind bike was made shortly after lance Armstrong had won his seventh Tour de France breaking yet another world record.

    We'll skip the obvious discrepancies about that statement because back in 2005 we all believed it to be true.

    The bike featured 100 white diamonds, a 14 carat yellow and white gold diamond, seven plaque with seven one-carat yellow diamonds.

    The bike sold at auction for seventy-five thousand dollars and on the way a bike that shifted a lot of gears. Real butterfly wings were used in its design by the most expensive bicycle brand.


    You can usually pick up a Cervelo p4 tt for around six thousand dollars for most expensive Cervelo bike, So why the highest price tag on the chrome hearts surveilled. 

    Well, it's a perfect collaboration between high-end fashion and an expensive bike brand that's been in business for more than two decades.

    Chrome hearts has retail locations all around the world and is a high-end most expensive bike brands selling anything from jewelry and clothing to furniture.

    In 2010 they added bicycles to their list. This limited edition bike had leather precious metals and rhinestones in fact it feels like we're referring to a leather jacket instead of a sixty thousand dollar bicycle.

    Cycling on this beauty would feel like riding on a piece of expensive artwork the world's most expensive bicycle.

    You know it's probably better off hanging out in your living room than riding out in the open.


    If you thought 77 bikes were exclusive then the Montante luxury gold collection will up the exclusivity factor enormously. Only 10 of these exquisite bicycles were made by Italian bike maker montant. 

    This Most Expensive Bicycles in the World has four main areas of gold leaf wood Swarovski crystals and the python. There's 24 karat gold leaf covering the frame and certain components of the bike.

    Hardwood walnut was used to make the pedal supports and high-quality wood was used for the anterior and posterior fenders.

    Which is further covered by elm lacquered leaves Swarovski makes a grand appearance with 11 000 stones adorning the bike and the seat and handlebars are covered in Brazilian ball python leather.


    This Aston martin limited edition bicycle launched in 2012 in conjunction with factor bikes and was available for forty thousand dollars.

    As the name reveals only 77 were produced the bike has been described as the most technologically, advanced bike and features.

    A data logging system that provides the rider with performance feedback anything from speed to altitude rate of power and climb as well as a GPS system. 

    The bike also captures biometric data measurements like heart rate, respiration rate and body temperature.
    Each bike is custom made for the rider, comes in seven classic Aston martin colors has hand stitching on the handlebars, seat plenty of carbon fiber, front-rear LEDs.

    It took seven members 14 days to complete each luxurious bike before it was delivered to its very lucky rider.

    If you owned any one of these most expensive bicycles would you ever ride it around town what are your thoughts on owning such an expensive piece of valuable equipment let us know in the comments.


    So this was our list of the top 10 most expensive bicycles in the world or you can say the world's most expensive bikes. I hope you loved the list of the most luxurious bike in the world. 

    Yes, these are all the most expensive pedal bikes & some of them are racing bikes not electric bikes or anything else.

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