Log splitters are machines that are used to split logs into smaller sizes for firewood & today be are gonna find some of the best log splitter for the money 2022. 
We tried to find out best log splitter under $1000 & Most of them are budget friendly.

Anyone who's got a fireplace or wood stove knows how hard it can be to prepare firewood. Before the availability of log splitters people had to split logs using an axe.


This practice was hard and physically exhausting. Nowadays a best log splitter axe can get the job done for you in no time with much less manual work.

This handy machine was created to make the chore of splitting firewood easier and less physically intensive.

If you cut logs for a living or because you need more pieces of wood for your chimney a log splinter will be beneficial in any case.

There are many top rated log splitter brands of log splitters available on the market today and we've done some research to bring you the best log splitter on the market you need under $1000.


    Log Splitters are handy tools that help manage wood and an excellent way to make firewood or smaller pieces for woodworking.


    CHAMPION POWER EQUIPMENT 27 TON 224 CC LOG SPLITTER exists to help you cut logs down the middle into halves and quarters. It makes them ideal for use as firewood and many woodworkers are also benefiting with best wood splitter.

    The 27 ton features a unique auto return valve that permits the splitter to be capable of 300 cycles per hour.

    ⇒ This wood splitter significantly reduces splitting time and along with a 224 cc engine. The versatility of horizontal to vertical also allows you to split logs 24 inches long and 100 pounds with no problems or without straining your back.

    ⇒ Also the two-stage gear pump helps regulate the splitting force by delivering high flow and low pressure.

    When it senses that there's no resistance and low flow with high pressure when cutting thicker woods for increased productivity.

    ⇒ The champion power equipment 27 ton 224 cc wood splitter offers the right quality and is easy to assemble.

    The wood splitter doesn't subject your body to unnecessary stress and strain. It definitely makes splitting wood easier safer more comfortable and of course faster.


    👉 Auto Return Value
    👉 224 cc Powerful Engine
    👉 2-Stage Gear Pump
    👉 Easy To Assemble

    WEN 56207 6.5 TON

    WEN 6.5 TON ELECTRIC LOG SPLITTER is one of the best electric log splitter for the money.

    ⇒ It's a six and a half ton electric wood splitter designed to make your life easier when it comes to splitting firewood.

    ⇒ It's relatively simple but saves you from all the back-breaking work of using an axe which many people do because it's an best electric log splitter.

    ⇒ It can safely be used indoors as there's no fumes to stress about. A best log splitter for home use.

    ⇒ It comes with a 34 inch stand to elevate the cradle off the floor or assemble the wheels directly to the body of the wood splitter for a load design that sits directly on the ground.

    ⇒ This machine has a powerful 15 amp with two and a half horsepower motor to make easy work of woods up to 10 inches in diameter and 20 inches in length.

    ⇒ It assists the machine in producing 13,000 pounds of firewood cracking pressure which is not that easy to find in other electric log splitters .

    ⇒ Furthermore you can easily transport it from one place to another there's an onboard pull handle and two five and a half inch wheels that make the entire moving process simple.

    ⇒ With an electric log splitter you will be sacrificing power for convenience but the benefits of this unit are no gas no fumes and you can start the machine with a touch of a button in any type of weather.

    ⇒ It's best log splitter for homeowner because of its size and weight.

    You could find most powerful electric log splitter in the market but we have tried to serve you cheapest electric log splitter.


    👉 34 Inches Stand
    👉 2.5 Horsepower Motor
    👉 Onboard Pull Handle
    👉 Easy Transport


    This CUB CADET 25 TON 160 CC HONDA GAS POWERED LOG SPLITTER saves you time effort and money with 25 tons of ram force to split a 25-inch log every 19 seconds.

    ⇒ It's also a hard-working machine with hydraulic fluid that's already included and tested at the factory. 

    ⇒ It has a 160cc honda ohv ohc engine that provides plenty of power to split the toughest wood While operating more efficiently and providing better performance.

    ⇒ It has a vertical or horizontal operation that does not need to be lifted and it's easy to pick up heavy woodens.

    ⇒ It makes short work out of big splitting jobs with a 19 second cycle time and automatic return for two inches of hitch.

    ⇒ It also has 16 inches by 4.8 inches of transport to provide maneuverability to cut wood wherever needed.

    ⇒ The Cub Cadet Gas powered log splitter is built with cast iron splitting wedge that can be sharpened to prolong its life.

    It also has fenders that protect it from road debris the product does require some assembly. It could be a best log splitter honda engine.


    👉 160 cc Honda OHV/OHC Engine
    👉 19 Second Cycle Time
    👉 Cast Iron Splitting Wedge


    This SUN JOE LJ10M 10 ton hydraulic log splitter eliminates the need to rely on any fuel or electricity because it can operate without gas oil or cords.

    ⇒ It has a hydraulic ram that builds up to 10 tons of driving force.

    ⇒ It has a large capacity that can split firewoods up to 18 inches long by 8 inches wide.

    ⇒ Its efficient to use because it has a ram return spring for quick resets, it also is durable and easy to use.

    ⇒ It's built with a steel frame construction and two and a half inch wheels for easy portability.

    ⇒ This splitter has 2 handles on it to allow you to pressurize the firewood with different speeds.

    ⇒ This machine has a cradle function which can help you split wood in one place and prevent it from falling.

    This way you can quickly turn after your first split and start again if you aim to cut the wood into quarters.


    ✔️ Hydraulic Ram
    ✔️ Durable & Easy to Use
    ✔️ Cradle Function
    ✔️ Two Handles


    This Champion Power Equipment 9 Ton Horizontal GAS LOG SPLITTER is small in size but big on power because it is one of the best gas wood splitter.

    ⇒ It's dependent on the champion 80 cc single cylinder ohv engine. Which features a cast iron sleeve a 0.4.gallon fuel tank, a 0.4 quart oil capacity and low oil shut off.

    ⇒ The low profile design log splitter makes it easy to load a large log into the splitting beam also the integrated log cradle keeps the log safely in position.

    ⇒ It may be small but it can handle logs up to 19 inches long and weighing up to 50 pounds. This machine's hydraulic oil system is a 1.3 gallons of oil capacity. It operates at 3 gpm to power through tough logs.

    ⇒ This splitter has a skewed wedge which increases the splitting efficiency and has a 20 second cycle time and auto return valve capable of 180 cycles per hour.

    ⇒ It is a two-stage gear pump that adjusts to flow and pressure.

    ⇒ It can deliver high flow low pressure when there's no resistance and low flow high pressure when cutting through a log to increase productivity.

    ⇒ Champion Power Gas log splitter fits easily in any truck bed because it has a handle and 10 inches of never flat tires that make this machine easy to move and easy to store.

    This log splitter machine is epa certified and carb compliant.


    ✔️ 80 cc Single Cylinder OHV Engine
    ✔️ Low Profile Design
    ✔️ Hydraulic Oil System
    ✔️ 180 Cycles Per Hour



    How big of a log splitter do I need?

    It totally depends on the size of firewood. The More wood Bunch means more power to Split them in different size. For heavy woods you need a heavy Machine to handle it easily but if you have less weight or less size then a low pressure can do the job.

    Is a log splitter worth it?

    As we know Log Splitters are handy tools that help manage wood and an excellent way to make firewood or smaller pieces for woodworking.
    When there was no machines people had to split logs using an axe which was really a hardworking job & uses too many manpower.
    But now we can do the same thing in just minutes. So if you need services you have to Pay for that. Thats's why it really worth it.


    So this was our list of Top 5 Best firewood Splitter For the money Now its your tun to decide a best log splitter to buy. Well we tried to find out under $1000 & most of them are approx $1000.
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